Friday, October 16, 2015

Some More Sculpts Past and Present

Its been awhile since my last post! I apologize for that, but Life has humbled me by kicking my ass! The last year has been crazy to say the least! So I haven't found much time allot of freelancing, let alone my own projects. A few new projects have trickled in and I'm thankful for the work. Im trying to get my feelers back out and get going again. Hence I needed to update my blog!
So enjoy some new and not so old projects.

Here is a piece I've been working on, when life lets me, Swearengen from Deadwood (1/6 scale) Deadwood is one of my all time favorite shows!  Hopefully he'll be done sooner then later.

Below is a project I worked on with my good friend Derek Hess. This is a sculpt of his drawing 
"Suicide Note" Very fun to work with Derek! Really enjoyed working on this sculpt!
Hopefully it will be out soon as a bronze!


Here's another fun Sculpt! This one is a little older. "Rust in Peace" for  Megadeth This is the final paint master.The gem and the tube were going to light up. Unfortunately it never went into production. Still allot of fun to sculpt!

Below is a piece I did for my artist friend Chad Grohman. This is one of his characters Kat.
Really great piece to sculpt! Check out Chad's work!
He had 2 solo shows in my gallery. The painted version was painted by Chad Grohman.

Well thats all for now folks! I have some more pieces in the works so stay tuned! 
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sculpture: Art and Industry

Here is a very small sample of sculpture I've done over the years.
I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work with some great companies and artists throughout the years!
I been busy sculpting and some new pieces are on the way so stay tuned.

Girlz & Monsters - Based on artwork by Scott Campbell

Jeepers Creepers

Spiderman for Sharper Image

Girlz & Monsters - Based on artwork by Scott Campbell

Jack- Wicked Nursery Rhymes 

Jill- Wicked Nursery Rhymes
Based on artwork by Gris Grimly

Spidy Sculpt in progress

Girlz & Monsters in progress

Geppetto's Workshop based on artwork by Gris Grimly

Greek Relief Bronze

Mayan Sculpt for Disney 

"Might Be Oak" reused oak flooring

Monday, July 29, 2013

Here is my current Bio:

BIO: Richard Van Over (aka R. Van Over)

1988 -1992 Richard studied painting and print at Cleveland Institute of Art.  While attending CIA Richard had the privilege of studying under Op Art pioneer, Julian Stanczak.  

During his time at Cleveland Institute of Art, Richard and fellow CIA students founded the guerilla art group ‘ART WITHOUT WALLS’ which created group shows throughout Ohio, PA and NY in vacant warehouse spaces.
The group was given an award for their mural on 4th street in downtown Cleveland by the Ohio Arts Council

1995 - Richard was curator for “Horsehead - A Celebration of Sculpture” which originated in Seattle. The exhibition featured Cleveland and Seattle based sculptors.

1996 - Richard moved to California after being hired by Lexington Scenery and Props, where he began his sculpting career.
Sculpting larger then life pieces for theme parks and casinos. Richard quickly became a lead sculptor for the company on such jobs as Apollo building at Kennedy Space Center and Sears Tower observation deck.
During this time he also opened a small Garage kit studio called Raven Studios.

1997- After leaving Lexington, Richard began working as a special effects sculptor, working on movie and commercial projects. Richard worked with Doug White Effects, Ultimate Effects, Vincent Guastini Productions, Cyber Effects and Tony Gardner on such movies as ‘Blade’, ‘Dogma’, ‘Three Kings’, ‘Stir of Echoes’ and League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and countless TV commercial.

Richard also moonlighted as a freelance sculptor.
Sculpting 13’ tall bronze Ark doors for Stephen S. Wise Temple Los Angles, CA and a 8’ x 5’ Greek Relief bronze which was to be placed above Barbra Streisand’s mantle.

1998 - Richard was hired on as a sculptor at Disney Imagineering. Richard became a lead sculptor working on featured projects for Port Discovery and Indiana Jones Tokyo, Disney and several featured sculptures for Disneyland and California Adventure - Anaheim, CA.

Richard attended Video Symphony School, courtesy of Disney Imagineering, to learn 3D modeling and animation techniques.

1999 – Richard studied 2D cel animation at Glendale Community College in CA,
under the direction of well known animator Fred Crippen.

1999-2000 Richard worked for Gentle Giant Studios a toy prototyping company in Burbank, CA, as a sculptor. During his time at Gentle Giant Richard became a Lead Toy sculptor/Senior Image Archives Controller/ Department Head of all life size projects for the Gentle Giant. Richard created a full size version of Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc. for theaters and Toy R Us stores. Richard was part of the Gentle Giant management to present a set of the full size figures to Pixar at their studio in Emeryville, CA.

After leaving Gentle Giant Richard opened Wheaty Wheat Studios a toy prototyping and manufacturing company, in North Hollywood, CA. Wheaty Wheat became well known for their production of Designer Vinyl Art Toys. Richard ran the company from 2001 until it’s close in 2009. He produced Designer Vinyl and worked with well known Artists John Kricfalusi creator of Ren and Stimpy, Scott Campbell creator of Danger Girl and well know comic book artist, as well as Artists/Graphic Designers Joe Ledbetter, MAD, Katie Olivas, Chris Lee and Andrew Bell. Wheaty Wheat also created quite a few licensed products and life size figures including Kung Fu Panda, Power Rangers and Spiderman.

Richard’s Designer Vinyl and personal works of art have been featured in many Art books, publications, and DVD’s.  Toy Fare, Dot Dot Dash, I am Plastic, MTV Toys - New Designs from the Art Revolution, Full Vinyl and Clutter magazine to name a few and feature interviews on G4 TV.

Wheaty Wheat Studios was awarded Vinyl Toy of the Year for 2005/2006

2006-08 Richard partnered with Ben Goresky to start Vinyl Toy Network (now called Designer Con) an Annual Designer Vinyl Convention in Pasadena, CA  During that time they also produced a rogue Urban Vinyl Show event in San Diego during Comic Con Called The Urban Underground Project.

2008 Wheaty Wheat Studios/Joe Ledbetter Mr Bunny roto cast Vinyl (yellow version) limited to 400 units worldwide sold for $1000 at Christie’s Action House
Currently Wheaty Wheat Designer Vinyl pieces remain among the highest priced and sought after Art Toys on the aftermarket.

Richard is presently is the Owner and Curator for his Gallery VANOVER FINE ARTS, which opened Nov 2010 with ”Of Fish and Fowl” featuring artwork by well known artist Derek Hess

Richard Van Over is also a full time artist and an active freelances sculptor.

Recent Shows:
2013   ‘ Evil Ohio Show’ Breakneck Gallery - Cleveland, OH
2012   ‘Artist Among Us II’ - Burchfield Penny Museum - Buffalo, NY
2011   ‘Random Acts of Art’ - VanOver Fine Arts - Springville, NY
2008   ‘Toy Crazy’ - Cameron Art Museum - Wilmington, NC
2008   ‘Mega Gwin Custom Show’ - Alpha Cult Long Beach, CA
2007   ‘Vinyl Elements’ Custom Show – Barracuda, LA.,CA
2006   ‘Sneaker Pimps Show - Aerosol Warfare Gallery - Houston, TX
2006   ‘ Back in the Day Show’- L Street Gallery - San Diego, CA
2006   ‘The Chubby Bunny Show’ - Nucleus Gallery - Alhambra, CA
2006   ‘BB Birdy Custom Show’ -  Munky King  LA, CA
2005   ‘MADL 2K5 Show’- Oulous Repair Shop Gallery LA, CA

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Sorry I have been slow at up dating artwork but hey I'm an artist.... :)
Here are a couple new pieces.......

"Always Home" Acrylic on mixed medium/wood (SOLD)

"War Monger" Acrylic on mixed mediums / wood (Available) 

"Falling Away"  Oil on Wood
Hope you enjoy the new work and I'm trying to focus and update but will see how it goes...
More work soon... hopefully some sculptures squeezed in. Until next time !

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I will be posting my past,  present and future artwork (sculpture , painting, photography and print) on this blog.

To start off, below are some paintings from my solo show 'Random Acts of Art' in 2010.
If you are interested in any of the available works please contact me a
for pricing. Thanks for looking and enjoy!

'Clue' Oil on wood  (Available)

'August Will Come Again'  6'x4'  oil on wood (SOLD)

'Bakersfield' 45" x 53" oil on canvas (SOLD)

'False Dawn'  mixed medium  (SOLD)

'Portrait on Pallet' 48"x48" oil on pallet  (SOLD)

'Might Be Oak' recycled oak flooring NFS

'Crow in Your Heart' 6'x4' mixed medium on wood  (Available)

'Reclining Nude'  9"x12" oil on canvas SOLD

In a group exhibition tonight starting at 6:00pm  at Breakneck Gallery Lakewood, Ohio - Evil Ohio Art Show. If you are in Cleveland area check it out! It's looking like it's going to be a huge event! 

“The Evil Ohio exhibition is a look at Ohio’s dark side. A recent wave of boosterism seeks to point out the many positives of the state, and that’s excellent, but as there can be no light without darkness, there can be no sweetness without the sinister. Ohio is one of the USA’s richest states in folklore, haunted bridges and buildings, serial killers, and other dark arcana, and Evil Ohio aims to call attention to that.
The Evil Ohio exhibition intends to collect some of the finest of Ohio’s artists, depicting views of what they find compellingly dark about their home state. It means to showcase the time, focus, dedication, insight and imagination put forth by the members of Ohio’s creative communities.”
Confirmed Artists for Evil Ohio:
James Bulloch, Derf, Sean Burns, Ralph Walters, Frank Walls, Matthew Sweeney, Karl Berringer, Steven Anderson, Geoff May, Erin Mulligan, Jason Byers, Mikey Arnold, Steve Ehret, Sean Kelly, R!ch Cihlar, Grant Smrekar (Rustbelt Welding), Steve Knerem, Chad Kimes, Barb Merritt, 
Jordan Beier, Lauren Chaikin, Ashley Ribblett, Billy Ludwig, Karen Novak, Shawny Walthaw, Angela Oster
This show is being curated by Breakneck Gallery, James “The Human Furnace” Bulloch, Ron Kretch and Martin Geramita.

Facebook Link: